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Vipp Kitchens

The V1

The V1 Kitchen

The Original

A Vipp kitchen is a modular concept.

Think of it as building blocks. One design - four types of modules; island, island with seating, wall and tall modules.

Each module can be built with predefined units of your choice. 

Island module

The Vipp island module gives you versatile options for open plan cooking.

You can have 3-10 units on each side.

This island module also comes in a bar-seating version.

Island with seating module

Choose the island with seating module to make room for curious cooking company The seating module provides an extra work station or legroom for a meal at the counter.

Wall module

A classic solution for every kitchen configuration, the Vipp wall module can be placed freely or against the wall and be composed of 1-10 units.

Tall module

Add maximum storage space and functionality to your kitchen with the tall module. Build your tall module with 1-10 units.

The V3 Kitchen

Original design. Forged from heritage.

The V3 kitchen introduces the next step in Vipp's legacy of metalwork and brings a distinct character to Vipp's familiar modular design. The freestanding modules are wrapped in naturally anodized aluminium - with vertically extruded profiles curving around the edges to bring a light elegance to the metallic appearance. As in the V1, the V3 is a modular concept and available in three different modules: island, wall and tall module.

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Twenty Homes – One Kitchen

Since Vipp introduced its kitchen in 2011, they have constantly refined elements, but the basic design remains the same. While the Vipp kitchen is no shape shifter, the settings in which the kitchen are placed showcase a diverse palette of taste, culture, personality, and architecture. In this second edition of ‘Twenty Homes - One Kitchen’ we have gathered 20 new remarkable homes that share nothing but their choice of kitchen.

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Vipp Kitchens

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