UK & Ireland Relocations

UK & Ireland Relocations

How it works

Are you looking to relocate to the UK or Ireland? Let your personal designer at Chrissie Hofford Interiors be your trusted liaison partner to design and manage your vision into a stress-free reality.

Phase I

Source the perfect property or development site

Moving to the UK or Ireland? Relocating to the UK or Ireland? Allow your personal design partner to do the foot work for you and source the perfect property or development site.


Professional Assessment

Your personal design partner can give you a professional assessment on the project as a whole. Provide a solid plan of action essential to budget and time control.

Phase II

Interior Design Service

Create an  interior design plan tailor made for you. Provide the necessary  floor plans including  2D & 3D  graphics enabling clarity in translating  the project online.


Budget and Planning

Keeping on budget and orchestrating the project schedule saves you time and effort. At Chrissie Hofford Interiors we have our own library of resources for everything you need for your home.  This can save endless time and stress researching products when you are detached from the project.



Your designer partner  is  representing you on the ground and will be able to build a stronger bridge between you and your architect or contractor early. This can be essential to prevent design misses in your overall plan and  is a crucial element in managing time and money. Remember designers are trained to see the future design and important interior issues that may be overlooked at the architectural stage.

Love your home

Our aim is to design and create your dream home with thought, pride and passion. Interior schemes that will reflect your lifestyle needs into beautiful, functional spaces that will enhance you and your family’s life.

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